Cat Chronicles #1

I met my cat yesterday! Wohooo !

I am finally doing it. I am getting a cat! Wohoo !

I am adopting a stray (no more) from a lovely lady who rescued and fostered a pretty little Calico kitten a few months back. I was able to contact her via World For All – an awesome NGO that that rescues strays, helps foster them and treat them till they are healthy, and then puts them up for adoption. Several thousand animals have found their forever homes through WFA! Isn’t that lovely ?

Her foster mom has lovingly named her (the cat) Mimi. I had first considered changing that to Molly after I brought her home – because I always dreamed of having a cat named after a Potter-verse character. But I met little Mimi yesterday and realised – she is really a Mimi. Plus, how could I take away the name that was given to her with so much love by her rescuer ? I cannot take away that legacy 😀

Mimi’s foster mom, Mrs. N, was a lovely lady! She was wonderfully sweet to me and it’s obvious she adores Mimi to no end. Mimi loves her too. I breaks my heart to think that I am separating these two. But more cats need TLC and lovely fosters like Mrs. N. And Mimi deserves a forever home.

Oh and did I mention that Mimi is an absolute beauty ? She is slender and graceful and quiet and all things beautifully feline. A bit reticent with strangers – but gentle and lovely! She follows Mrs. N around the house all the time. When I entered that apartment, Mimi was enjoying herself, snugly sitting on the couch. And I fell in love. Well, as deeply in love as the permanently anxious heart of mine would allow me. I would take her home right away but I am travelling a lot for the next few weeks. So Mimi will be coming home around mid-June.

Until then, I have several things to get done :

1. Get over my nervousness. I’ve always wanted a pet. I need to stop making up excuses to make it look like a bad idea just because I’m worried about actually taking this decision. Even though I am sure about it. How does that even happen?

2. Buy a scratch post. Mom will wring my neck if our couch is ruined. I am hoping I can train Mimi to use the scratch post before that can happen.

3. Buy kitty food and a litter tray.

4. Read every online resource on having a domestic cat.

5. Ensure I don’t still have allergies to cat hair. I was super itchy after I met Mimi. But the itchiness started before I even entered the foster’s apartment – so I cannot be sure what caused the allergy. Must meet her once more to make sure. *Fingers crossed* Like my friend Sookie said, it would suck to be allergic to adorable. Plus I am already in love with Mimi

6. Find a good pet store and a good vet around the area where I live.

Twiggy is both super excited (very much in love) and hopelessly nervous! Cannot wait to have Mimi home! Here you guys, take a look! Isn’t she the cutest ?


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