Why is Twiggy Here?

I’ve created several blogs in the past and deleted most of them because I never really got to writing. The only one thats still active is the one on Tumblr, which I use more as a treasure box to store all things I like – music, videos, quotes, quirks, anything and everything.

I do enjoy writing.I wonder why I don’t write enough? Laziness. Internet addiction. Could be many things. But this time I hope to take time out and write, because its something I love to do and it should ideally take precedence over other the forms of “recreation” I indulge in – chatting, chatting and more chatting.

I wish to write something light, something fun! I do best when I mock something, but why make a beginning taking a jab at something else? I could also laugh at myself, I’m quite laughable. And do more ridiculous things than I’m comfortable admitting. Maybe I’ll talk about a book I loved, or something I read in the paper the other day. Or how I often feel as out of place as an orange in Pluto. We’ll see. And soon!


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