Mouna Raagam

What’s this Mouna Raagam, you might ask?

It’s a Tamil phrase that means a Silent Melody. It is also the name of one of my favourite films of all times. A Mani Ratnam classic.

The movie is actually spelled as Mouna Ragam, but I choose to spell the second word as Raagam because that is how it’s pronounced.

The movie reminds me of love, friendship, kindness, forgiveness, new beginnings, memories, and all things wonderful. Why can’t they make such beautiful, sensitive and thoughtful films any more?

Why use a phrase that speaks of silence as a title for a blog – a place that is all about words, one might wonder. I’m not sure myself, really. Perhaps I hope that this one phrase will be able fill the gaps for all the wonderful things that can never really be articulated? Or maybe I just want to be able to think of good things when I look at the title. Or perhaps there isn’t a good reason and I just typed in whatever came to my mind then?

Could be anything. But I loved the ring of it then and I have only come to love it even more. I hope you like it too? If not, I’ll just quote Willy Uncle – What’s in a name? 😉


11 thoughts on “Mouna Raagam

        • Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!

          1)Kannathil is one of my favourite movies as well. Easily Ratnam’s very best!

          2)This song…it seems the concept of beauty seems almost tangible, no? It always makes me well up. Even my dad has tears in his eyes when he hears this song..

          I don’t usually believe in this “Soul Sister” business, but hello! soul sistah!

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  1. Awww! I didn’t realize I was waiting to meet a person who also reacted the same way as I do to Kannathil. *Hugs again*

    Bharatiyar’s poem is a very recent discovery for me. While I was hearing the rendition of this poem, quite randomly at work one day (thanks to YouTube auto play), I realized this could have been Ratnam/Vairamuthu’s inspiration for “Oru Deivam Thantha Poove” and how the songs’ screenplay flows. That was a personal ‘Eureka’ moment. 😛

    And yes, the poem is so so so beautiful. It is liberating!

    About ‘soul sisters’, let me give you a fair disclaimer first….I am a non-Tamil speaking South Indian gal who is totally fascinated with the language, music, movies and often wishes to have been born as a Tamilian. I completely rely on all those lyrics translation blogs and subtitles. 🙂

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    • I am a Tamil speaking South Indian who needs subtitles for Tamil movies 😛 I can speak enough Tamil for a decent conversation, but for anything more than that I need help 😛

      Bharatiar was Dad’s gift to me. Since then I’ve read many, many translations of his works and other works of Tamil Lit.

      Since when did anyone need a common mother tongue for soul-sister-ing ?

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  2. Ohmygod!
    ohkay so I’m a tamil speaking South Indian girl, can barely make sentences in tamil! But But I just love this movie ever since I was forced to watch by my parents since it’s their personal favorite;)m!

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